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Beginner"s Tips to Get the Most Out of cPanel

Add Images to Your Website First things first, you need to add some color to your website.
You will need to upload the image your site and add an "HTML.
img tag" to your website's HTML code.
To do this, go to "Files" on the homepage, then "HTML Editor" in cPanel's "File Manager Interface.
" Optimize and Speed Up Your Site Once you have accumulated blog pages and page views, your page may be getting bulky.
Improve this quickly and easily by heading into "Software/Services" on the homepage and choosing "Optimize Website.
" This feature lets you automatically compress certain types of content when that content is requested by visitors.
If your website is around 100KB, this action will downsize the site to about 10KB.
This will make content delivery quicker and save bandwidth.
Find and Fix Website Problems The "Account Error Log" function in the "Logs" section will display the last 300 errors for your site.
This can be very useful for finding broken links or problems with missing files.
Checking this log frequently can help keep your site running fast and smooth.
If the web server notices any site problems, it will record them in an error log.
You can view up to 300 of the most recent errors at one time.
The most recent error is presented at the top.
When you are having site problems, this is a good place to start looking for the culprits.
The errors will list the date and time of the error, the IP address of the person triggering the error message, and a brief description of the problem.
Backup Your Databases To prevent disaster, you need to backup your website in the event of data loss.
Luckily, one of the easiest functions in the control panel is backing up your website.
Once in cPanel, go to "Backups" and you'll see options for a Full or Partial backup.
A full backup includes all of the files in your home directory, your MySQL databases, and your e-mail forwarders and filters.
You can back up your account to preserve your data, or to move your account to another cPanel server.
If your account is under 500MB, you can execute an entire backup by clicking "Download or Generate a Full Website Backup".
If your website is over 500MB, you must backup the files and database separately.
Sites contain both files and databases, and you must backup both in order to have your site appear as it was before.
Now, how do I backup these files? You must download all files from your "public_html" folder to your computer using your favorite FTP client.
Once transferred, simply upload back the files to your hosting account and your website should be back to normal.
Avoid Spam with SpamAssassin Apache SpamAssassin is awesome at eliminating spam from your e-mail account(s).
SpamAssassin is a trusted computer program that uses a large set of rules and spam detection techniques to filter your mail.
The highly configurable SpamAssassin can be run by individual users on their own mailbox or integrated with any mail program.
SpamAssassin is free of charge in cPanel, and you can enable it by going to "Mail," then "SpamAssassin.

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