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Empowerment - Practical Steps to Determine What"s Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals

Are you struggling to achieve your goals but can't figure out what's holding you back? Whenever you're trying to achieve your goals many factors can undermine your progress.
Identifying these things by asking yourself some questions will help you dig deep into the 'soil' of your internal program, your subconscious mind.
Let's use a practical example: When you're preparing your garden for planting and you find weeds you begin to pull them out.
But sometimes in the process you may find as you turn over the soil that there may be long roots from other plants growing across the garden.
As you dig, one of the first things you might ask yourself is, "Where is this root coming from?" Then you might continue to dig away until you find the beginning of the root and when you've found it all you do is get it out because you don't want it to keep growing and coming up in your garden once you planted the seeds.
The same thing applies to your life garden; when you notice that as you're trying to create change towards achieving your goal, you may notice these 'roots' popping up as obstacles, fear, self-limiting beliefs, doubts, in your life but they lead to something deeper.
And that's what you need to determine - what is the root cause so you can get rid of it.
Coming back to the garden question, "Where is this root coming from?" This question will now look like, - Why do I feel the way I feel about this? - Why did I act this way? - Why did I say that when that's not what I mean? - What do I believe about money and being wealthy? - Why am I afraid? As you ask these questions, keep going, even as you get one answer, until you get to the actual root cause that's hindering your progress.
For example if you're dealing with fear and you ask, "Why am I so fearful - like fear of failure," then next question will be, "why am I afraid?" And then your answer will be something like, "Because I tried this before and it didn't work and my friends laughed at me so I'm afraid to make a fool of myself.
" Now here's where you dig up the root by asking, "How can I see this differently?" This will open the door for other ideas or another viewpoint to come to you.

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