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How to Remove the Third Brake Light on a 1995 Suburban

    • 1). Open the rear doors and climb onto the rear bumper, holding onto the roof in order to keep your balance.

    • 2). Remove the two Torx screws, located on each side of the third brake light lens, using the Torx driver. You can pick up a Torx driver at most auto parts stores or tool retailers. Since Torx bits come in several sizes, you might consider buying a set of Torx bits and a universal driver that allows you to change bits to suit the task at hand.

    • 3). Pull the lens off by hand and set it on the roof. Place the Torx screws in it so you do not misplace them.

    • 4). Pull the light bulb out of the socket and install the new one. Set the old one on the roof so you can discard it when the job is completed.

    • 5). Have your helper step on the brake pedal so you can verify the bulb works. Put the lens back into position and thread the Torx screws back into their sockets by hand. Once the screws are in about 1/4 of the way, tighten them down using the Torx driver.

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