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MLM Prospecting - Why the Internet is the Best Medium

Are you still doing your MLM prospecting using other offline methods such as the newspaper advert, radio, and TV? I'm sure you understand that while I do no condemn any of these methods above, they are more expensive and they are also losing their efficiency.
People are bombarded everyday with TV ad, newspaper ad etc that the responses from these prospecting medium is plummeting seriously as people now see it as too common.
The other disadvantage is, these methods are expensive and most starters who have not made it find it pretty unaffordable.
On the other side, big companies have advised small business owners to use such ineffective methods such as distributing of thousands of posters, business cards, talking to everyone you see, to advertise their network marketing business.
If you are still one of those network marketers who is trying to make it using all these ineffective MLM prospecting methods, I ask that you stop it right away.
For the past 3 - 5 years, heavy hitters in network marketing are making it using the world wide web to recruit successfully and thus make more in a year than what many old timers who are successful with their MLM make in their entire 5 years in the business.
The Internet is here to stay and have made several individuals 6 - 7 figures yearly with network marketing in few years.
I have equally benefited myself and invite anyone who is willing to change his life to take this route.
With the Internet, your MLM prospects, customers, are just a click away.
Just locate where they meet online, build relationship with them, and then offer your solution, products as a friend and you would have succeeded in your efforts.

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