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Adamantisaurus Facts


Adamantisaurus (Greek for "Adamantina lizard"); pronounced ADD-ah-MANT-ih-SORE-us


Woodlands of South America

Historical Period:

Late Cretaceous (75-65 million years ago)

Size and Weight:

Up to 100 feet long and 100 tons



Distinguishing Characteristics:

Large size; long neck and tail; probably armor


About Adamantisaurus:

Just how many titanosaurs--the lightly armored descendants of the sauropods--have been discovered in South America?

Well, so heavy is the backlog that the scattered fossils of Adamantisaurus were discovered nearly half a century before anyone got around to describing and naming this huge dinosaur in 2006. While Adamantisaurus was certainly gigantic, measuring up to 100 feet from head to tail and weighing in the neighborhood of 100 tons, no one is putting this poorly understood herbivore in the record books until more fossils are found. For the record, Adamantisaurus seems to have been closely related to Aeolosaurus, and it was discovered in the same fossil beds that yielded the relatively petite Gondwanatitan.

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