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Why SEO - Explained

SEO is a technique that helps search engines find and rank a certain website higher than the other websites available on the internet.
The definition of SEO basically answers the question, "Why SEO?" Even if you're the largest or the smallest website on the internet, you really need the help of Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly known as SEO.
Optimizing your website is a need since there are now millions of websites on the internet today.
It's like a huge internet encyclopedia without table of contents that can help users find what they're looking for.
Search engines attempted to organize all of the information on the web and make it searchable and significant for users.
Back in the days, web authors can just simply add "keywords" to their meta data to let the SEs know what keywords they wanted their website to be associated with.
But as time goes by, people abused it and started putting all kinds of keywords in their meta data even if it has nothing to do with their website.
In this present time, websites should rely on SEO techniques for them to get noticed in this growing industry of internet business.
And because SEO is ultimately the most effective way to achieve higher rankings in the search engines, it is very important to know and understand the difference between a website and an optimized website, and be aware of the basic SEO building blocks that can be used to prepare a site to be read and judged by the growing number of SEs.
If you have a website that is not optimized even though it displays perfectly on the web, search engines will still ignore it.
They need to see certain optimization that is placed perfectly before they can include it in their database.
Some basic optimization you can do for your site is 1) add meta tags such as keywords, title, description, etc.
, 2) use on-page optimization, and 3) put external link-building activities so it can boost its relevance and popularity.
If your website is optimized it will have the elements stated earlier which can help the SEs understand what your site is all about.
It's only right to say that without SEO or if you fail to optimize your website, it wouldn't be read and indexed properly and will get a very minimal chance that it will show up in a search engine's results page.
So, take time and effort to optimize your website with well-research keywords, on-page optimization and link building activities because the SEs will pay more attention to you than the sites that don't have any SEO components - That's why SEO is needed badly in every website we have right now.
Nowadays, customers look for information online through the use of search engines, so it's only vital to give your site a chance to be listed at the top of every SE.
That's mainly the reason why SEO is important.
Without SEO, your site will only be one of those sites that don't get any attention and become totally lost on the web.
But with it, you have a great chance of being noticed by all of the search engines that exists on the web.

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