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Network Marketing Advertising - Successfully Marketing Your MLM Business by Changing Your Approach

Are You Having Trouble Getting Started? Network marketing advertising may be a struggle for you.
You're not alone.
Many people in the network marketing industry have wondered how to go about advertising their products and business opportunity.
The internet is there for all to use.
What do we do with it? A big challenge is the restrictions companies put on their distributors.
In most cases distributors can't even mention their products and company name on websites not approved by the company.
And linking from your website to any company website is strictly forbidden.
There are legal reasons that motivate network marketing companies to be so strict.
But that doesn't really help you, does it? So you are doomed to a life of one-on-one prospecting even though the rest of the business world is capturing the power of internet marketing.
Right? Wrong.
Such legalities and restrictions do not make network marketing advertising an impossiblilty for you.
And no...
you do not need to find another company that is less strict? Their rules could change as well.
You have no doubt heard the expression...
"When life hands you lemons make lemon aid.
Essentially that means when things go badly make the best of it.
But this is not one of those situations.
In your case...
These Restrictions Work to Your Advantage Now before you think that I am some sort of raving optimist...
think again.
I am a glass-half-full kind of guy.
In fact - sometimes I can't even see the glass.
Ask my wife.
I mean it when I say these restrictions are an advantage to you.
Because they force you to reevaluate how you do business.
Think about it for a moment.
If you boil your message down you will probably come up with two points...
  • My products are great...
  • My opportunity is great...
Guess what.
No one cares.
Everybody says that.
That message is spread all over the internet and nobody is listening.
If you say the same thing nobody will listen to you either.
Force yourself out of this mode of thinking.
If you do that you could create a network marketing advertising system that will effectively bring eager prospects to you.
So grab your lemons - or what you thought were lemons - and think through this with me.
Network Marketing Advertising is About Branding Yourself Think about what most new distributors do in the offline world.
They do things like...
  • Refer prospects to their up-line
  • Get prospects in front of company bigwigs
  • Rattle off company statistics of success
  • Have three-way calls with those who have 'made it'
Things like that.
What is all this? In part it is an attempt to show your prospect that you are believable...
That you can lead her to success...
That this will really work.
In other words - it is an attempt to sell yourself.
And that is exactly what you need to sell.
Network marketing advertising - and any other kind of advertising - is an exercise in selling YOU.
When you get started you are not very believable.
Why should anyone take your advice for success? Why should they trust you? All they have to go on is your word that this thing works and you know what you are doing.
They need more to go on.
And that is what you give them.
Your network marketing advertising should focus on providing value to your prospects before any of them are your prospects.
Show them how they can succeed with or without you.
Give them sound advice for building their business.
Not for marketing your products.
Not being involved in your opportunity.
Advise them on how to succeed in any business venture.
Share your expertise with them.
There are innumerable ways to apply this method.
You don't have to focus on business growth.
You may want to focus on products.
But don't mention your products.
Give people expert advice on how to use products like yours.
Show them how to make their lives better whether they buy your products or not.
This is called branding.
It is selling YOU.
It is demonstrating that you are someone who can be trusted to lead others to success in whatever arena you chose.
And it is the best way you can succeed with your network marketing advertising.

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