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Sir Charles Shares The 3 P"s of Success

Why are you known as Sir Charles? When I was recording music more frequently a music producer wanted to create a stage name for me.
It stuck and I never bothered to change it! Tell us about the 3 P's of success and how they came about? After being clean from drugs, and losing my family.
I found the transition challenging, then more change came with my first bout of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
The light came on and I knew I needed to make good use of my remaining days...
and that was before the second diagnosis.
I realize that in being clean, I spoke to people all of the time and I enjoyed it.
The good thing was that I was able to remember the conversations being sober.
I became a certified counselor because of my passion, and I knew that dealing with people was part of my purpose.
Hence the 3 P's were born (Find Your Pleasure, Find Your Passion, & Find Your Purpose).
How did you overcome drug abuse and what drugs did you abuse? You mean what drugs didn't I use (LOL)! I went through the ranks from beer, to wine, to a taste of alcohol, to mary jane, to cocaine which was my main thang, why do I feel like I'm about to start singing Rick James (LOL), but eventually crack which was my greatest loss.
I overcame them easily and strangely.
God convicted me through the eyes of my children.
I could not look at my children anymore, at least not without being riddled with guilt.
That was the first step to me making the change in my life.
What was it like to be married to someone you thought you'd be with forever only to get a divorce? It was wild because I initiated the marriage.
I thought with a new lease on life I wanted to clear up all matters in my life that had shade.
Once it was clear that I was not going to be with the mother of my children I wanted to move forward.
So, I was told not to make any major decisions during my first year of sobriety, of course I did it anyway.
Failing at marriage was horrible for me because with a sober heart and mind I failed before God, and I failed at love, once again.
It takes time to get over this emotional period in life.
You're a two time Cancer survivor and your story has been added to medical journals.
Did you think you were gonna die? How did you survive?
Well technically, we're all dying, but I know what you mean.
I was not afraid and I did not play with the thoughts or words surrounding death.
I felt that this was all purposeful, and when I came through it I just knew it was time to make good use of my days! I juice, I am even more faithful, I pray and talk to God often, nothing magical, just keeping it real! Where can we find more about you online? http://www.

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