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ElearningA Tool For Personal Development

Todays competitive job environment has different requirements than the past. Now enterprises require more than a four year degree in the specialized area. A person has to have additional skills and a well rounded personality to be successful in any career. With rapid technological advancements happening everywhere; a little bit of technical knowledge is also important. People can gain an edge and acquire some degrees or add some knowledge, by doing any of the online courses which are offered these days.

Whether its is computer skills, soft skills, software skills, there are a range of training courses offered today which can help you to acquire job related skills or other skills. Distance learning or elearning is one of the most effective ways to add value to your resume. It is becoming very popular these days.

Elearning also involves online training or learning apart from computer based learning.
For online learning to take place, the user is only required to have a net connection and a web browser. The users can just log in and begin the training.

For IT professionals it has been a boom, as one can gain knowledge and remain updated in this very dynamic field even if he is working full time. The main advantage of online training over other conventional classroom training is that it saves traveling time which is a major concern for people who are working. Students or new job seekers can go for a number of training courses that are offered like networking, database skills, and certification training courses. These and many technical can give a boost to your career in IT.

Many small, medium or large sized companies plan online training courses for their employees. There are training courses designed for the purpose of employee training, performance improvement, education, or employee development. One can find numerous companies offering elearning solutions and interactive content, ranging from IT skills, healthcare skills, to soft skills, in the form of CDs DVDs, or through internet or intranet.

Elearning is self paced and allows for real time collaboration. The interactive content, hands on practice, good videos with audio permits a student to feel like an actual classroom. Periodic assessments and tests are there to evaluate the performance and to check knowledge retention of the learner. The online courses are designed such that the instructor takes the learner from basics to complex situations in an easy way. Employees in a company or students do not have to travel anywhere to attend the classes, thus it saves time and traveling cost. The course is available through out the week, so it is easily accessible to all.

Elearning is as old as personal computers but even before that concept of distance learning was there. Elearning is a very recent phenomenon which many of us have witnessed.

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