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Strategies For Increasing Conversion To Website Traffic

#1 - Add Your Full URL In Your Description

Let's have a look at some of these. First thing, you've seen this, is to add your website URL inside your description area. What does this look like? Very simply and straightforwardly, if you look at our example here, every single video we have right at the beginning the link back to our website.

As you'll see once again, the http:// is right in front of the website address. You need to have that. If you don't have that it won't be clickable. And you also need to have it right at the top so that when this is minimized people can still see it and click on it. Inside the video, tell people to click on it. Tell them inside the description area, and point to it, click on it to go to the website. Very, very important.

#2 - Add Your URL Inside Each Of Your Videos

This is another thing. This is a little bit more tricky to do. This particular video doesn't have it. Let me just show you another one. Let's show you this one here is a good example.

This is where JayJay teaches people how to do the coin roll, running the coin. Let's just go to the middle and see if it starts playing for us. As you can see there, embedded inside the video - so we did this with the video editing - we have our website address. We tell people, "There's the website. Go check it out, www. FreeMagicLive. com." That's inside the video. You need to do that with your editing. That's the next one.

#3 - Create An Incentive To Visit Your Website

In our case, we now have a free report. We've got the Street Magic Manual, and so we tell people, "If you want to get access to the Street Magic Manual, it's a free report, you can go to the website by clicking on the link in the description area." That'll take people straight to the page where they can then download the free report. Simple as that. Once again, just like you tell people to subscribe to your videos and to rate it and to favorite it, tell them. Tell them just to go to your website and to sign up. Make it compelling. Make it really valuable. Tell them what's inside the report or the free resource, whatever it is.

It could be a video. This is where you're building your list. I think this one might be linking to another older opt-in page. Let's just see what that looks like. I think it just goes straight back to and on here people can opt-in for the free report. Very straight forward.

#4 - Create An Open Loop That People Can Only Close On Your Website

This is really cool. This is where the Zeigarnik trick comes in again. Basically, with your videos, all you do is you may reveal a part of a secret, and say "To get the rest of the secret, you have to go to this website, opt-in for the report, and get the rest of the secret." That's all I mean by that.

Basically, you use the Zeigarnik Effect to your advantage. That can often help people increase the chances of going to your website and signing up for your newsletter. Make sure that you have something valuable that you're offering people.

Make sure that it's worthwhile. We often get people writing back to us saying, "Wow, we can't believe this is for free. Are you sure I wasn't supposed to pay?"That's the sort of reaction you want to get. We get that sort of reaction from people. We do that with our free reports.

#5 - #Create Psychological Triggers To Get People To Take Action

Because we're running out of time a little bit, I'm just going to rip over these real quick. In fact, what I recommend you do is to read a book called Influence: The Psychological of Persuasion, by Robert B. Cialdini. Let me just type that in for you into Google search so you can see what this looks like. Robert Cialdini, here's his website.

He wrote this book called Influence. You want to get a copy of this book, because it'll help you in many, many other ways as well. I'm not going to go into too much more detail there. I recommend you read that book, and it'll talk about these six weapons of influence that he talks about:

• Reciprocity

• Commitment and liking

• Scarcity

• Social proof

• Authority and liking

You can use these inside your videos to encourage people to go back to your website

and to sign up for your newsletter.

#6 - Collect People's Contact Details On Your Website

Believe it or not, this is important. This is what the whole point is. An added benefit of this that you might not have thought about is that once you have a list of people on your email list, every time you create a new video you can send an email to them.

Once we create a new video, we send it to 15,000 people. A portion of those people will go and watch that video. What's that going to do to our video count? That'll increase our video count within a day very quickly. It kind of has this snowball effect.

The more subscribers you have to email, the more views you're going to get, the better you're going to rank inside YouTube and Google. Then it's just going to get better and better. Do you see how powerful the system is? I hope you can see the power of this.

#7 - Write Your Channel Description Like A Sales Letter

I've covered that already when I talked about Maria Andros' page. Once again, make sure that your channel description here is almost like a sales letter. When people come to your channel, they're going to want to read about what you're doing.

Especially with this growth of YouTube and how the mainstream of people end up coming onto it, we're going to get more and more older people, and more people from other niches getting into YouTube, and they'll want to read more about you. They'll want to make sure that you're a real person.

Really make sure that you have this profile area of yours really well written. Maybe even hire a copywriter to write it for you. That's how important it is.

#8 - Link To Your Website From Your YouTube Banners

This is only for partners. I'm going to still show you so it's something you can look forward to one day when you become a partner. As you can see, if I go to my channel page, there's a whole banner here. This banner here, if I click on it, it takes people straight back to my website, to my and JayJay's website, to the opt-in page.

So people click on it and go straight to the opt-in page, where they can opt-in for the content. You get this functionality if you're a partner. If you're not a partner, you don't get this functionality. Now if you're a partner you also get this sort of functionality where you can create a little box like this and the same thing, you click on it and it goes to the optin page. Very powerful.

Then the third thing that's really cool is for each individual video, let's go to this one here, you'll see another little banner. You get all these little banners and this banner here. When people click on that it actually just goes back to my channel. When they get back to the channel, they'll click on the banner and they'll go to the website. Once you're a partner you get access to all these features. Very cool.

#9 - Link To Your Website From Your Promotional Text Area

There's another one, only for partners as well. You get a special promotional text area, so link to your website from there as well. Let me just show you what that looks like. This once again is only for partners, but it's something you can look forward to.

If you use these strategies, you can build up your traffic and your views, you'll be able to become a partner as well, and you'll get access to this. It's this area here. This allows me to basically write any text that I want. I can write as much as I want. I can link to the site, to the opt-in page. It drives traffic right back to the opt-in page.

People come to visit my YouTube channel, then they read that, and it's a compelling heading with a link. They click on it and go back to the site. So as you can see,everything is optimized to drive traffic back to my site where people opt-in.

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