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How Much Weight Do You Want To Lose?

Do you find losing weight frustrating and stressful? Are you anxious about your appearance, especially with your summer holiday so close, and you just can't seem to get rid of the excess fat? Whatever your reason may be to lose weight, be it for appearance, self-esteem, self-confidence, health, a wedding in Hawaii or the Bahamas, or you simply want to lose weight to fit into your clothes.
Whatever it may be, you have to have a huge and compelling reason or reasons as to why you want to shake off that excess fat.
When you have a big enough reason why you want to lose weight, all you will then need is a little bit of extra help, and that help comes from within.
Attaining and maintaining motivation to lose weight and keep it off can be accomplished when you have the right set of inner thoughts; the thoughts that keep you on track and keeps your desire to lose weight alive.
Having the right thoughts is critical to your success.
Your first step to having these thoughts is to make a list of why you want to lose weight.
Write all your reasons down, every one of them.
Take a five minute break and then write down the joys and pleasures you will gain from being the weight you want.
In a short while you will have identified your 'why'; the reason behind your deep desire to lose weight, where you will remain in pain if you didn't lose the weight and you will scream with pleasure when you shed it off.
By doing this you will have started the mental change: you want to lose weight and become healthy.
This way you will have started placing your thoughts in the right direction.
After a while, your mind, and more importantly your unconscious mind, will get used to the idea that you want to lose weight and be healthy, and it will do all it can to keep you motivated to achieve that outcome.
It will constantly remind you to eat all you want but in moderation.
As you cut down on the amount that you are eating it may be helpful to regularly view the pleasures that you have written that you will gain from losing weight.
After you look at the list, close your eyes and repeat with emotional intensity these two sentences or affirmations: 'Losing weight feels really good.
I am attaining my target weight.
Yes, I am.
' This way you will condition your mind, your inner thoughts, that you are committed to reaching your desired weight.
At this point, you can move onto the next step, which is to exercise.
And to add a powerful motivation booster set yourself a realistic goal; one that you can achieve without exerting too much pressure on yourself as this can backfire.
If you would like to lose 15 pounds, set it as a goal and write it down.
For example, 'I feel and look young and healthy at X pounds' Say that goal as many times during the day as you can.
Let that goal go to work on your unconscious mind, and remember to also repeat your affirmations.
Exercise 3 - 5 times a week and only do as much as you can without applying too much stress on your body.
Typically, if you are out of breath and cannot talk, you are over-exerting yourself and need to slow down.
Perhaps you could go swimming a few times a week.
Swim as long as you can and gradually increase the intensity and length of time in the pool.
If you can, repeat the affirmations either in your mind or out loud (without swallowing too much water).
Losing weight can be done.
It is achievable.
I did it.
I worked on my thoughts at the beginning, and built on them as time went by.
I changed my thinking towards food and living a healthy lifestyle.
Counting calories was not the way for me.
I ate what I wanted in moderation and I worked up to exercising one hour a day every day.
And now I easily maintain my ideal weight.
What had helped me all along was adopting the thoughts of a healthy person; what I have to do to become one.
I repeated affirmations such as: 'Losing weight feels good.
I enjoy eating healthy.
I achieve my desired weight quickly.
I give myself rewards for losing weight.
I am attaining my target weight.
' When you have the thoughts of a person who wants to live a full and healthy life, you can achieve and maintain the healthy lifestyle that you want and not gain weight again.
Which would you rather be, overweight and unhappy, or would you prefer to stare at yourself in the mirror wearing your skimpy bikini or swimming shorts?

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