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Free online dating is one of those touchy subjects which we all dread being mentioned around the dinner table on a Wednesday evening when Granny is visiting. Should dating on line be free? Does the government respect the freedom of the citizens to date online for no money whatsoever? Is the Internet being policed effectively enough to allow minors to date on sites where there is a distinct possibility of danger? All these questions and more permeate the vinegary air like the kestrel's call does to the animals of the hundred acre wood at wintertime.

Grandma would take some convincing that the Internet exists at all; although various TV news outfits will have you believe that €Silver Surfers' are taking over the web, whiling away their twilight years by watching old Marks brothers sketches on YouTube and catching up with their dwindling supply of friends on Facebook, the truth is that most of them would rather vote Obama than try and open their email inbox. However, on her low pension Granny might be interested in hearing that she can meet a nice new toyboy to replace Grandad without having to pay for an escort service.

Mum and dad will scoff with a knowing smile and an upturn of the nose, suggesting that as wonderful as it may be they have absolutely no need to use dating websites because their love can travel around the world at light speed without the aid of cables, ones and zeroes or something soppy like that. Little does the rest of the family know, however, that mum and dad have been using online dating sites for years in a valiant effort to keep things exciting in the bedroom. In fact, after dinner is finished and the kids are in bed they will be €entertaining' sexymexy69 who looked them up last week.

Young Alice has only just started college and before she left for Toronto she never had any problem catching the guys' eyes, securing a date or two every weekend. Since moving out of the country she has found the big city to be a totally different pond and the other fishes aren't queuing round the block like she thought they would be. Alice will espouse the joys of wasting her time chatting on the net and even meeting up with some of her online beaus, swearing that it saved her college experience.

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