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How to Maintain Convertible Tops on a Mercedes Benz

    • 1). Clean your Mercedes Benz soft top only with products designed for use on convertible soft-top fabric and windows. Chemical cleaners that are not designed for use on these fabrics and plastics can discolor the top and may obscure visibility. Mercedes Benz convertible tops are normally made from German Sonnenland canvas, so you will need to use a cleaner designed to safely clean canvas.

    • 2). Avoid getting your vehicle's soft top dirty, if possible. Mud, sand and other debris will scratch and abrade the soft top. Dirt can also get trapped in weather stripping on the top and affect the seal that is formed when the top is raised. An improper seal will cause the top to leak.

    • 3). Do not drive your Mercedes convertible through an automatic car wash. The high-pressure blast of the water can seriously damage the fragile top, weaken seals between the weather stripping and the vehicle and will normally get your interior wet in the process, which can lead to mold.

    • 4). Store your Mercedes convertible indoors or under a car cover to reduce the likelihood of the top being damaged by bad weather or falling debris such as tree limbs in a storm. Soft tops are not difficult to puncture.

    • 5). Use discretion when putting your vehicle's top up and down. The more you raise and lower your convertible top the more wear and tear you put on it. Avoid putting the top down only to raise it five to 10 minutes later. Purchase a car cover and carry it with you if you want to cover your vehicle in a parking lot or a friend's house.

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