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What Is the File Extension .05?

    Navigation Chart File

    • The file type is vector-based digital file which shows marine features suitable for naval navigation. The file is based on the International Hydrographic Organization S-57 standard.

    International Hydrographic Organization

    • International Hydrographic Organization, created in 1921, was established to support safety of navigation and help protect the marine environment. It is both an intergovernmental consultative and technical organization.


    • These files provide detailed charts and maps of the ocean floor to allow for ease of navigation for all types of ships.

    Opening File

    • This file type can be opened with any of the following programs: CARIS Easy View 2.0, dKart Look 4.0, Fugawi View ENC, NavPak Demo or Seven Cs SeeMyEnc 2.0 Data Viewer.


    • It is advised not to attempt deleting these files. Deletion of files can cause an associated program to not run correctly or in some cases, may cause it to not run at all due to a fatal exception error.

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