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Who You Trust and Who You Don"t!

For the last couple weeks I have been running a 5-minute survey of marketing trends.
Several hundred people have given their input.
[If you haven't taken the survey yet, do it.
Your input is important and will help me know what you need to succeed in your own business: http://All-In-One-Business.
] It has been eye-opening.
Two of the questions dealt with who you trust and don't trust for online business information.
I am amazed at what is shaping up.
I expected several people to all be pretty much equal for "who you trust," yet one person is currently getting 25% of the votes- and no one else has over 5%.
The same thing is happening on the "who you don't trust" question: While almost everyone mentioned is getting a couple votes, one person is getting 33% of the votes.
I guess those two have made their mark-either for good or bad.
[By the way, as soon as the survey is closed I will give you the names of both of them.
If I mention them now, it might skew the results.
You can get a full copy of the survey results by taking the survey.
You will be re-directed to a page where you can sign up for the results via email.
See the link above.
] Here's the application point for the rest of us: We all are building our online reputation-either good or bad-every day.
If you are working at affiliate marketing, you are building it with your web presence, your newsletter, your personal emails.
If you have your own product(s) you are also building it by the quality of the product, the timeliness of your customer service, the value of your expertise.
Everything you do is ultimately available to almost everyone else.
You never know when a personal correspondence or customer service email will be posted to a forum.
You never know when the person who sends you a seemingly rude email may also hold the key to your future success.
The message: Build you business through grace, integrity and diligence.
I guarantee it will pay off.
I have put together a resource of "cut and paste" customer service emails for you to modify and use in your own business.
Using these can not only build your positive reputation, they will also save you time.
You can pick them up here: http://www.

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