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Sales Agreements - How to Get the Signature

Sometimes there is a clause in the sales contract that states 'this is the exclusive and entire contract between these two parties and no oral agreement shall be binding after this.
' This simply means that anything you agreed upon is now in writing and anything you agree upon orally, is not binding.
If you want to give the customer an extra case of something, you can, but they can't hold you to it.
But a good sales professional who says they are going to give a customer an extra case of their order, would defiantly give the customer the extra case, whether it's binding or not.
There are a few other terms such as taxes, notification of site readiness, duration of services and countless other statements that can be incorporated into the sales agreement.
Your job is to have the sales agreement ready and to the exact specifications that the customer and you agreed upon before this final meeting to 'sign' the agreement.
One final note about your wording during this meeting, signing the sales agreement is the goal of everything you've done up to this point and should be a happy time.
However, choose your words carefully at here.
Ask the potential client, now customer, to 'write' his or her name on the dotted line.
Asking them to 'sign' their name sometimes conjures up bad connotations such as 'sign your life away' or 'it's a bad sign'.
Remember, 'write' your name at the bottom or on the line, subconsciously sounds much better than sign.
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