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How to Bleed the Clutch in a Mazda Miata

    • 1). Open your hood and locate the clutch slave cylinder. It is usually toward the front of the car, near the bumper.

    • 2). Place a container underneath the slave cylinder.

    • 3). Open the bleeder valve by unscrewing it slightly. The bleeder valve should be under the slave cylinder and distinguishable because of the rubber cap on its end. You will have to remove this cap when opening the valve.

    • 4). Let the fluid drip out until it eventually pours out in a steady stream. Keep an eye on the clutch fluid level; do not let it dip below the minimum line. If it is gets low use new fluid to top it off.

    • 5). Close the bleeder valve as soon as the fluid begins to pour out continuously and replace the rubber cap.

    • 6). Slowly pump the clutch a few times. If after a few pumps the clutch feels normal, then you are finished. If the clutch still feels too soft, you will have to repeat the process.

    • 7). Top off the clutch fluid in the reservoir.

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