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My Trav Express Review

My Trav Express (better known as Net Trav Express) is an online travel club which offers discounted travel bookings to anywhere in the world for trade prices.
On top of this they also have a multi level marketing business running along side of it.
Launched in the spring of 2010 it is a subsidiary of Net Travel Inc which is a successful online travel retailer based in the US.
So How does it work? If you want to buy into the marketing business side of things it will cost you an initial fee of $397.
This includes the annual fee of $47.
The idea is that you sponsor other like minded people into the business.
When this happens you will receive a $50 "Get Paid Now" offer which is similar to a fast start bonus.
The company have deliberately kept the joining and annual fees as low as possible to prevent people dropping out, as this can be a big problem in MLM based companies.
My Trav Express offers a complex compensation plan in which you can earn money from several ways these include sales commissions of holidays booked on your website, "get paid now" bonuses, points accumulation for your own travel and qualifying bonuses to name but a few.
Online travel clubs are big business and in effect are the newer face of MLM companies.
People are always looking for a bargain especially in the current climate and holidays and travel are no exception.
It has been proven recently that this type of MLM business has a higher success rate than other product based network marketing companies.
However this isn't in any way a get rich quick scheme and you have to position yourself as a leader within this type of company as well as being knowledgeable in marketing the product.
The bottom line is that My Trav Express is a fairly new MLM based business opportunity that has the backing of its mother company, Net Travel Inc.
It has positioned itself fairly well within the market place as online travel clubs are becoming big business.
But always remember to dig deeper and do your homework before you put any money out there.

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