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How to Learn Sign Language On-Line

    • 1). Find a good sign language dictionary. The ideal dictionary will not only show images of signs alongside definitions, but show examples of the signs in conversational context. There are several free sign language dictionaries online. (See "Resources.") Choose one or two as a reference as you begin learning to sign. Eventually, you'll find you don't need a reference, but having one at the start makes learning easier.

    • 2). Bookmark your favorite sign language websites and spend time reading through them each night. Learn common words used almost every day. These are the words you'll need to communicate right away. If you're learning sign language to communicate with someone specific, look up words that apply to him or her. Add these words to your vocabulary along with your common words.

    • 3). Learn individual letters of the alphabet in conjunction with common words or phrases. Knowing individual letters is helpful when you need a word you don't know in sign. You will always have the ability to spell. Some online websites, such as Handspeak or Signing Online, offer low-cost courses that provide structured, practical sign language lessons. These websites include dictionaries, video, and interactive activities designed to get you using sign language immediately.

    • 4). Watch videos of sign language in action whenever possible. Youtube and other video websites feature a wide selection of videos on sign language. Watching a video can be more effective when you want to learn a visual skill like sign language. Follow along with the videos. Try to keep up with the instructor. Mimicking the signs is an effective way to reinforce what you learn.

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